Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Pembroke Pines, FL

Wisdom Tooth Extractions (Removal)

Wisdom teeth are known as the last set of teeth that are usually grown in the late teens. They mostly grow in your mouth by a breakthrough from your gums. There are many reasons that may arise and you have to face immense pain. But, now you may get rid of all the pain, if you visit the Dental Specialists Of Pembroke Pines. Most of the times, wisdom tooth extraction becomes the necessity, as it may give some infections and may affect your surrounding teeth.

The wisdom tooth extractions are suggested, as in most people’s mouth there is no proper space for the wisdom teeth to grow. If you also are having a lot of pain during the growth of your wisdom tooth, you can get the impacted wisdom tooth removed from our expert dentists, Dr. Reynaldo Pita and Dr. Charles Krikorian. The abnormal eruption of your wisdom tooth will affect your daily eating activities and may even take an acute form of oral health issue, if you will not get the extraction done on time.

Common Problems Due to Wisdom Tooth

Some of the most common problems that you may have to face due to an abnormal eruption of your wisdom tooth:

  • Pain in Gums
  • Infection in Mouth
  • Small or large cysts
  • Gum diseases
  • Tooth decay in wisdom tooth or the surrounding teeth
  • Problems with other dental treatments

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Root Planing

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


The Impacted wisdom tooth extraction may vary from place to place, but a few common steps are followed by all the dentists, as we also have at the Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A gum incision is made to reach the wisdom tooth
  • Some jaw bone is also removed (if needed)
  • The dental crowns are removed (if needed)
  • The position of the tooth is identified
  • The level of eruption is examined
  • The deepness of the impacted wisdom tooth is checked
  • The tooth is either extracted in one part or cut into pieces

Tooth Bonding Consultation For Fillings

The gap in between your teeth may be cosmetically displeasing sometimes and if you look forward to close these gaps, we can assist you with the right treatment. For this matter, we will help you in treating them with the help of teeth bonding or the using the composite resin filling material. Our dentists will help you with the consultation and finding out the best suitable solution by first performing the examination to evaluate the present condition of your gums and teeth.

Tips To Handle After Effects Of The Surgery

Some of you may feel quite uneasy for a few days, but gradually the pain will disappear and you will have the normal oral health. Few of the tips for an extra care of your teeth after wisdom.

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