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Emergency Dentistry involves treating teeth whenever you face a tooth fracture, a tooth gets knocked out, or forced out of the tooth’s original location. If you suffer from a dental emergency, you do not have to worry about it, as you may find the best treatment from our emergency dentists at the Dental Specialists Of Pembroke Pines.

The oral injuries, if ignored can cost you a lot and it is recommended to visit the dentists on immediate basis. Our emergency dentists Dr. Charles Krikorian and Dr. Reynaldo Pita are always present for your help and treat you with the best possible options based on the injuries you are suffering from. You can visit us any time of the day to get the best-in-class emergency dental care at Dental Specialists Of Pembroke Pines.

We have three locations across South Florida for your emergency dental needs. Our offices are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pembroke Pines Florida. Should you need an emergency dentist, please call (786) 355-4401 for Miami, (954) 588-4671 for Fort Lauderdale, and (954) 639-6998 for Pembroke Pines Florida.


$39.00 Limited Exam & X-rays

    $39.00 Limited Exam & X-rays
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    If you encounter any dental emergency, we always suggest you to calm down and contact our dentists as early as possible. The impact of the injury can be brought down to a higher extent, if you get in touch with the emergency dentist in no time. We have brought some tips for handling the most common dental emergencies:


     Toothache:If you suffer from a toothache, firstly brush and floss the affected area and rinse with the warm water with salt diluted in it. Do not put an aspirin on the tooth or it may cause the burns. Any facial swelling can be controlled by placing the cold compress on it and immediately call the dentist for help.


    Knocked Out Tooth: You should right away call the dentist, if your tooth is entirely knocked out. The re-implanting of the tooth will be possible, if you call the emergency dentists within an hour of the injury. By the time you get emergency dental care, you should gently rinse the lost tooth to clear all the debris from it. After this keep it soaked in the saline solution or in the milk soaked gauze, or wrap it in a clean cloth. This increase the chances of re-implanting the same tooth.


    Loosened Tooth: If your tooth shows an inward or outward displacement, you should very gently try to bring it back the place, using your fingertip. Immediately contact our dentists for dental emergencies and meanwhile try to place it back using a gauze or a wet tissue.


    Fractured Tooth: A good dental care can very soon repair the fractured or chipped tooth. If you face such an injury, you should find the missing tooth or its part and keep it wrapped in a moist material. Your treatment will vary based on the type of injury you suffered from. The treatment may include smoothing, bonding, or applying the crowns. However, if there’s damage to the tissue you may have to get the root canal treatment as well.


    Soft Tissue Injury: If you have a bitten or cut cheek, tongue, or lips, you should  immediately apply the pressure on the affected area using a gauze or neat cloth. If the bleeding remains the same contact your emergency dentist. You may have to get some stitches, if needed under our emergency dentistry procedure.


    Henceforth, to get the best from the dental emergencies, you can give a call to Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines and we have the emergency dentistry solutions. When you face any dental emergency, you need to get the prompt dental care from our dentists Dr. Charles Krikorian and Dr. Reynaldo Pita.

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